I am committed to the creation of unique dance theater performance that stimulates the audience on a variety of levels. As a choreographer I want to impart a connection to my audience in the form of emotion, narrative and the known and unknown. However, my work is open enough for the viewers to find their own meaning and interpretations. I am committed to merge elements of dance, research, theatre, imagery, music and video, structured around an inventive framework.

The drive of my creative process is a combination of collaboration, research, travel, improvisation and experimentation. Working in collaborations with my performers, designers, composers or other professionals help develop my ideas and bring my concepts to new and unimaginable levels. Fostering these creative endeavors establishes a rich environment for exploration. Using travel to inform my work, most recently Istanbul, Turkey. I used an ethnographic approach as a way to observe and gather new movement vocabularies and narratives that would inform my choreographic vision. I created a 15 minute dance work entitled Deniz, which portrayed my experiences of individuality as well as community through cross-cultural friendships. The work culminated in a folk dance created in collaboration with my cast representing woman and community.

Improvisation allows my performers and me to respond and relate to the present moment, question, memory, person or environment. Set choreography may arise from these improvisations or occurrences. Occurrences meaning, once choreography has been set, if a performers goes the wrong direction or has different timing, for example, this may be added as set movement material for the dance work. Experimentation is central to the artistic process. I continue to discover new ways to work and synthesize movement and speaking material.

As a soloist, I am most interested in creating autobiographical solo work. I find discovering new methods to portray an important aspect of my own identity fulfilling. In a recent work about a past relationship that has ended, I Draw a House, An Avenue, A Cloud, A Man with a Green Hat, I interacted with projected images representative of my relationship. As I danced the images would appear and disappear as if I were drawing and erasing them with my moving body.

Foremost, I am an educator and through my creative process in rehearsals, I strive to promote the importance of experimentation and collaboration to my cast of performers. I believe that artistic exploration is essential to the continuation of a dynamic creative culture.