Sifting Through the Pieces (2013)

An examination and reflection of the parts of life that should be remembered, forgotten and let go.


Susie Thiel in collaboration with the dancers


Tony Hardin


Paul Duncan - TOY PIANO, Michael Gordon, Todd Reynolds and Wendy Sutter - LIGHT IS CALLING, Philip Glass and Johann Johannsson


Hayley Black, Noell Conley, Anujin Enkhbat, Tara Gardner, Rachel Knuth, Erin Smith, Ashley Roberts, Mary Sczczygielski

Sifting Through the Pieces is an evening-length dance work where the cast of eight women sifts through significant moments of their lives, sharing and tearing memories. Set in three distinct sections using paper in a variety of forms, the artists explore their collective experiences, memories and personal journeys to create a unique theatrical and physical dialogue. Section one, examines the parts of life that should be remembered and the parts that are celebrated. The dancers manipulate, step on, run through and dance with letter sized pieces of paper in a variety of interesting ways. The second section is the parts that need to be forgotten, the parts that must be let go and in return, shared with the other dancers. Paper is torn and the pieces sorted, filtered and dropped. The third section is the memories that are desperately held on to. Snapshots of these memories are outlined in a serious of movements. Pieces of the paper fall from the ceiling as a representation of significant moments of women’s lives. The work culminates with the dancers choosing one piece of their lives to hold on to or blow away.

The work was created in collaboration with eight women from the University of Kentucky and first premiered in 2013 as part of the University of Kentucky, Department of Theatre and Dance Winter Dance Concert: (Re) Actions.